Fashion Design Today Influenced by 1920S Fashion

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As a result of social changes and advances in technology, fashion of the 1920s may have influenced the design today, more than any other time in history.

It was a decade of revolution, an era that has brought social and economic changes. The post-war optimism generated Roaring Twenties, a period which means joy and ignited hopes of a future of freedom and prosperity. Women’s rights came to the fore when they entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers and has asserted its independence.

The end of World War II brought a social change that has affected all areas of home decoration entertainment architecture and fashion is no exception. acceleration modes allowed women’s magazines to reach people all over the world, celebrate fashion more than ever. Ladies from all walks of life, showed the beauty secrets of the stars, Hollywood and emulation has become a popular pastime that dreams of riches and fame replace exhausted by war.

No more corsets and bustles of Victorian restrictive. Fussy clothing reserved for a more comfortable and relaxed. Hems increased, decreased size and necklines and sleeve openings clothes were often high to allow easier movement. Cut simple designs with clean lines, replaces the previous layers right fashion frills and flourishes, but received an exquisite attention to detail yet with luxurious fabrics and accessories with long chains or bracelets of multiple accounts. Hair cut to shake or wave trademarks and covered cloche hat popular. For the first time, combines functionality with fashion, the opulent luxury coupled with the ease and comfort and style has found a way to coexist.

Notorious trap girls burst onto the scene, the introduction of bold styles that express individuality and freedom. The use of cosmetics became acceptable for the average woman, and dressing more appropriate for an active lifestyle has become more frequent. Suddenly, hats and shoes and jewelry were selected to match perfectly with dresses or skirts, stockings and even made a statement undeniable. And all the shoe lovers can thank the ladies of that era and the importance of winning new approach shoes. Since the shoes were more visible, are now larger and were chosen to flatter and complement.

Of course, the 1920s also shows dances like the Charleston and Lindy Hop. The new style allowed for freedom around the dance floor and evening was lively and striking, reflecting the attitude of the time.

The start of mass production and the movement towards simple designs that are affordable and easy to copy modern fashion has enabled women to all levels of society. For the first time, the newest, most contemporary trends were available for both the rich and the working class. Costume jewelry is made to look like the most beautiful parts, clothing and the latest models differ only by the quality of the material, without compromising on style. Fashion is no longer reserved for the upper class, but had become mutually inclusive.

If the bronze medal in the trap mode, elegance and sophistication childish sleepwear streamlined and comfortable, relaxed and sporty look for casual wear, fashion of 1920 set a precedent that changed the world in a remarkable way.

A break from the status quo, expressing a need for creative individuality, and a change in social perception paved the way for a fashion revolution so great that continues to spread through the decades and left its mark on all generations that followed.

Over the years, styles and designs have developed their own style and set every day, but it is an undeniable fact that, despite many trends come and go, catwalks and red carpets everywhere have always influenced fashion 1920.

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